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IMPORTANT NOTICE: From Tuesday April 28th 2015 Chiropractor Catherine Owers will no longer be working from this clinic.

Chiropractor Catherine Owers will be leaving the Malvern Surgeries at the end of April as she has the exciting opportunity of taking over her Cheltenham Clinic as Clinic Director full time. Catherine set up 3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic with her colleague Stephanie George in 2005 so has been here since the beginning and says " I am very sad to be leaving the Malvern Clinic as I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working here but a chance to work full time in the town where I live is too good to miss." Malvern patients are very welcome to continue receiving treatment from Catherine in Cheltenham if they are happy to travel a little way, Cheltenham Chiropractic Clinic is just off Junction 11 of the M5 on the main A40 so is only a 35 minute drive from Malvern. There is a free  car park, full time receptionists and a changing area so visits to the clinic are made as stress-free and welcoming as possible, see for more information. If you are an existing patient of Catherine’s from Malvern and would like to go on seeing her at the Cheltenham clinic just contact our friendly receptionists on 01242 513459 and let them know you are a Malvern patient – we will transfer your files over with no need for a new examination.

If some patients would rather continue their care in Malvern we are recommending Harriet Yeoman – an Osteopath with many years’ experience who works from a clinic on Avenue road (see for more information.) Any existing patients who would like their notes forwarded to Harriet please contact us at to let us know.

It only remains for Catherine to say “thank you to all our patients who have visited 3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic over the last 10 years – I have really enjoyed meeting you all and I hope to see some of you in Cheltenham in the years to come!”

Christmas Opening Hours

The Clinic is now closed for the festive season and we will re-open on Tuesday 30th December. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our lovely Patients a very Merry Christmas and a pain free New Year!

Top tips for spine safe camping:

With the summer holidays looming and the festival season upon us, it’s that time again to grab the tent and pack up the car. For the majority of us, camping means exploring the great outdoors and getting close to nature. For the rest, it’s back pain from the hard surface and long cranky days from lack of sleep.


Whatever your reason for sleeping in a tent this summer, follow these simple tips for a peaceful, pain-free night’s sleep.


Before you reach your destination:

• If you’re driving, make sure you have adjusted your seat properly to take away pressure from your neck and lower back; you don’t want to be hurting before you even get there. Click here to see our post about how to position your car seat properly.

• Choose a backpack made from lightweight materials such as vinyl or canvas and that has wide, padded shoulder straps and padding in the back.

• When packing your bags, take what you need. Don’t fill your bags too full, carrying unnecessary luggage will contribute to back, neck and shoulder pain. Your backpack should be roughly 10 – 15% of the wearer’s body weight. Distribute the contents evenly and make use of all pockets.


Pitching your tent:

• Take a short break when you arrive, stretch out and try and get your equipment as close to your pitch as possible to avoid unnecessary carrying.

• Find a flat surface and remove any large rocks or sticks. Be aware of any excessive bending when putting up your tent and knocking pegs into the ground, think about getting down on all fours to take pressure off your back and use your legs where possible.



• Using a blow up mattress or a thick camping mat will be better for your back than sleeping directly on the floor, be aware of how far you have to carry it. A camping mat is much lighter but a self-inflating mattress is highly recommended.

• Pillows are a good source of support which keep the head, neck and shoulders aligned. Taking a good quality pillow from home will be beneficial to a good night’s sleep.

• Whilst sleeping bags are very convenient and lightweight, they are very restricting making it hard to turn over in. Try unzipping the sleeping bag or taking a duvet wherever possible.


Clearing up:

• Just as when you were pitching your tent, avoiding excessive bending and using your back too much.

Camping is a great family activity or fun with friends, but bear in mind these simple tips on your next adventure to avoid back and neck pain.


Above all have fun and enjoy the summer!

Chiropractic Awareness Week 2014

PEOPLE IN THE MIDLANDS suffer with neck or back pain before they’re 20 years old

Research finds technology is leaving teenagers in pain

This Chiropractic Awareness Week (14 - 20 April) Catherine Owers from 3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic is warning parents that their teenagers could be at risk from suffering from back or neck pain due to sedentary lifestyles and the excessive use of technology.

More than one in ten (14%) people in the Midlands first started experiencing neck or back pain before they were 20 years old*.

In the UK, 40% of 11 to 16 year olds have already suffered and worryingly, more than one in seven (15%) parents said their son’s or daughter’s back or neck pain is a result of using a laptop, tablet or computer.

The research revealed that almost three quarters (68%) of 11 to 16 year olds spend up to four hours a day on a laptop, tablet or computer and a staggering 73% spend up to six hours on the devices. More than a third (38%) of parents said their child spends up to six hours a day on their mobile phone.  

3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic is also noticing a rise in the number of young people presenting with neck and back problems due to their lifestyle choices.

Today, the Catherineis encouraging parents to limit the time their children spend using technology and instead encourage more active pastimes over the Easter holidays.

Based on a two hour period, young people spend more time on games consoles (33%) than doing an activity like riding a bicycle (12%). When asked how much time their teenager spends on their bicycle, one in five (21%) parents admitted that they don’t have one.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, nearly half (46%) of parents questioned acknowledged that their children don’t spend enough time exercising, despite NHS guidelines stating that children and young people between 5 and 18 years old need to do at least one hour of physical activity every day.[1]

Commenting on the findings, chiropractor Catherine from the 3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic said: “We are seeing more and more people under the age of sixteen with back and neck pain and technology is so often the cause. Young people are becoming increasingly sedentary which is damaging their posture. There is the tendency to sit in a hunched position when working on computers and laptops, putting a lot of strain on the neck.

“Learning how to sit properly and keeping active will help to keep young people healthy and pain free. It’s important that parents seek help for their children from an expert as soon as any pain starts - if conditions are left untreated it could lead to chronic back and neck problems in later life.”

Chiropractor Catherine offers the following top tips for parents to help their teenagers reduce the risks of back and neck pain:

  • Get your kids moving: The fitter children are, the more their backs can withstand periods of sitting still. To increase fitness levels, your child should be more active which can be achieved by doing activities including walking to school, riding a bike or going for a run.

  • Teach them how to sit: It’s important that children learn the correct way to sit when they’re using a computer. Teach them to keep their arms relaxed and close to their body and place arms on the desk when typing. Make sure the top of the screen is level with the eyebrows and the chair is titled slightly forward, allowing for the knees to be lower than the hips and the feet to be flat on the floor. Using a laptop or tablet away from a desk will encourage poor posture, so limit time spent in this way.

  • Don’t sit still for too long: Make sure children take a break from the position they’re sitting in on a regular basis and stretch their arms, shrug their shoulders and move their fingers around - this helps to keep the muscles more relaxed.

  • Lead by example: Maintaining good posture and promoting good back health is something that everyone should be doing, adults and children alike. If you make it a priority, it’s easier for your children to see the relevance.

  • Seek medical advice: Seek professional advice if your child is experiencing pain which has lasted for more than a few days. If your child wants to be more active, check that there are no medical reasons why they should not exercise, particularly if they are not normally physically active.


For more information on how to maintain a healthy posture, the British Chiropractic Association has developed ‘Straighten Up’ - a simple, three minute exercise programme for all ages, designed to help strengthen the spine and improve posture and help joints. To watch a video of the exercises you can do, please visit: You can also find a lot of valuable posture advice at


Flooding UPDATE

Wow - this is the view from Clive's fruit farm today! Both the Hanley Road and Upton bridge are closed due to the flooding, Worcester is very congested so please leave extra time if you're coming along the A449 to your appointment.... take care out there folks! Look here for traffic updates:


To keep up to date with clinic news and flooding disruption follow us on Twitter here:

Happy 2014 to all of our patients! We hope you all had a super Christmas break and enjoyed your New Year celebrations.... if you are suffering with post-festive aches and pains just give us a ring on 01684 562323, we are now back to normal clinic hours!


Great North Run


Around 56,000 people woke up this Monday morning feeling a little more tired than normal having participated in the Great North Run last weekend. The world's biggest and most iconic half marathon takes place on the 15th September, where runners will push themselves to their limit to complete the 13.1 mile course
The British Chiropractic Association has some great advice to help in their recovery.

According to BCA chiropractor, Catherine Owers, “The atmosphere of the iconic events such as the Great North Run is phenomenal and is what enables thousands of participants to push themselves harder than ever. Obviously, this is great in that it helps many reach the finish line, however the adrenaline rush also means that some people are pushing themselves too hard and not listening to their body’s natural resistance."
For a safe and effective wind-down after the race, Catherine suggests the following classic tips:
•         Don’t Stop Moving: Keep gently mobile, e.g. regular walking for 5-10 minutes. It is the last thing you feel like doing but remaining static should be avoided at all costs.
•         Ice, Ice, Baby: For specific injuries such as problems with joints, applying ice is recommended. This is most effective when done immediately but still works when applied in the days following the race.
•         The Heat is On: A hot bath is ideal for strained muscles and overall rejuvenation. After all, distance running is physically and emotionally draining, so it makes sense to relax and literally bathe in your glory!
•         Food For Thought: Snack regularly on food, ideally that is high carbohydrate, low fat, some protein, (e.g. tuna sandwich) and drink lots of fluids.  Watch out for feed stations en-route and keep hydrated and nourished. After finishing, refrain from drinking alcohol until fully rehydrated.

Catherine continues, “For those who want to have a go at the Great North Run 2014, or any other marathon/distance event, the trick really is in the training. Chiropractic treatment is one way than many runners use to monitor progress as they train as this way no ‘niggle’ is left to develop into a more serious injury.”

Chiropractic Awareness week – Back pain in parents


This April 15th – 21st, Chiropractic Awareness Week, 3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic is encouraging parents to straighten out their approach to back care as new consumer research shows that 82%* of people in the Midlands have suffered from back / neck pain at some point in their lives – 61%* of those being parents.


The research, commissioned by the British Chiropractic Association, also shows that over half (56%*) of parents in the Midlands say their back or neck pain has prevented them from lifting or carrying their child.


According to these new statistics, parents are not just limited in lifting and carrying their children. 35%* of the Midlands parents said their back or neck pain has prevented them from carrying their child’s car seat or carry basket and 39%* say that back or neck pain has prevented them from playing with their child.


For more info have a look at our most recent newsletter:

newsletter April 2013 2.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [343.9 KB]

A specially commissioned British Chiropractic Association video, aimed at healthcare professionals in the NHS, will be debuted on NHS TV starting this weekend. Airing will be on channels Sky 212 & Freesat 401on Sun 17th Feb 6pm; Mon 18th Feb 5.30pm; Wed 20th Feb at midday; Sat 23rd Feb at midday. 

New February Newsletter!

Do you need better Core strength? Virtually everyone can benfit from stronger core muscles - these form a protective ring around your spine and help to prevent injury and reduce back pain. Our February Newsletter contains great advice on how to build an stronger core - and no it doesn't mean thousands of sit-ups - everyone can do it!


Have a look here and feel free to share!

February 2013 Newsletter
Newsletter Feb 2013.pdf
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Christmas opening hours:


The clinic will be closed from Monday 24th Dec - Friday 28th December but we do have appointments available on Saturday 29th Dec and Wednesday 2nd January.


The answerphone will be monitored over the Christmas break so do leave us a message and we will do our best to get back to you if you need an emergency appointment.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Our Winter Newsletter is out now with lots of top tips for staying pain free over the festive season! It also contains details of our Twitter Countdown to Christmas with daily back care tweets and tips - follow us here to keep up to date!


To view our Newsletter just download this PDF or email us on to sign up to our mailing list.


Merry Christmas!

Winter Newsletter 2012
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We've got some new rewards for you young (and young at heart) patients!

British Chiropractic Association

National Baking Week

It’s National Baking Week. With everyone inspired to perfect their sponges and pipe perfect macaroons, it's easy to get carried away and forget to take care of our backs.

Tim Hutchful, British Chiropractic Association (BCA) chiropractor, comments: “It is surprising how much time we spend in the kitchen doing physically arduous tasks that put pressure on our joints and muscles. Even making small changes to your usual routine and thinking more about the movements you make could have a significant difference on your body, leaving you fit, healthy and comfortable enough to enjoy the best part of your kitchen – eating the food you have prepared.”

Make your way safely around the kitchen and maintain optimum posture with the following advice from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA):

Unloading the shopping

·   Make the most of home deliveries – they will come to you and save you the stress and strain!

·     A weight held at arm’s length can have the effect of being up to five times heavier. Always carry heavy tins or boxes close to the body. Don’t lift and twist when putting the shopping away and be sure to face the direction of the cupboard or fridge.

·  Store frequently used items between elbow and shoulder height to avoid regularly over stretching your back. Pull-out storage cupboards lessen the need to stretch or strain even more.


Cooking up a storm

·    When baking, make sure the counter top is the correct level for your height. You want to avoid stooping if it is too low or reaching up if it is too high. If required, use a wooden block chopping board to help bring your mixer or bowls to a better height.

·   Lifting heavy pots, pans or utensils can strain your back muscles. Always face the direction in which you want to carry the weight, lift using a relaxed, straight back, make sure your legs are at least hips’ width apart and lift with bent knees.

·When reaching into cupboards for ingredients, avoid bending from the waist as it will increase stress on your lower back. Never keep the knees straight, as this could lead to over-stretching and cause damage to your back.

· When doing repetetive movements such as beating or whisking, make sure you take a break and do simple wrist stretches or clench and unclench your hand to help avoid strains.


Doing the dishes

·      Standing up straight whilst washing the dishes, rather than slumped over the sink, could make all the difference to back pain. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and don’t over stretch. If you need to, rest one foot on a stool to make sure you are comfortably positioned over the sink. Raise the washing-up bowl by placing a second upturned washing up bowl underneath it.

·  Got a dishwasher? Remember to bend your knees and keep your back straight when loading and unloading the lower shelf.

Usain Bolt recieves regular chiropractic care

The Fastest man on earth is a big fan of chiropractic care!

When it comes to looking after his body, you can be sure that the fastest man on earth is going to be making some pretty good decisions. So, it was no surprise to see Usain Bolt receiving chiropractic care at the 2012 Olympic Games.


Usain Bolt regularly utilizes chiropractic care to improve his performance

South Florida’s Dr. Michael Douglas has been the official Chiropractor of the Jamaican Olympic Team since 1996.


Many, unfortunately, turn to chiropractic care only AFTER they have been injured.  But,
in addition to improving performance, speed and agility, ongoing chiropractic care and therapy can offer several health and wellness benefits vital to everyone:

  • Improved Posture
  • Increased Range of Motion
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Reduced Risk of Injury
  • Reduced Migraines and Severe Headaches
  • Improved Recovery After Sports Injuries
  • Increased Blood Circulation and Oxygen Flow in Body
  • Pain Reduction in Major Joints
  • Better Focus and Concentration
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Immune System (for warding off common illnesses and diseases)


Chiropractic therapy offers several benefits for athletes who are constantly pushing their bodies to the max.  In fact, other top athletes such as Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong each have regular chiropractic care regimented into their routines.

At 3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic we treat sports people from a myriad of disciplines.

Amateur or professional or even just starting out in sports or fitness, Usain Bolt’s approach is a great example of how to take care of your body.


Come on in and aim for gold!

Congratulations Bradley Wiggins!!

Bradley Wiggins was helped by Sports Chiropractic care to be the first British winner of the Tour de France

Huge congratulations to Bradley Wiggins for winning the Tour De France, supported by a medical team that includes Matt Rabin, BCA Sports Chiropractor.  His testimonial for Matt, and for Sports Chiropractic, can be found on Matt’s website and reads as follows:

“ I first started working with Matt at the end of 2008 following my success at the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics. After years of struggling with minor niggles that I had learned to live with, and having never really found the answer to my problems despite having sought numerous treatment options with no great success, I went to see Matt.
From my first session with him I had great results that were not short lived. That followed up with regular sessions I saw improvements that I had never seen before and that reflected in the way my body held up on a day to day basis which eventually saw me achieve 4th place in the 2009 Tour de France under his supervision.
Matt will undoubtedly remain an integral part of my medical support in the forthcoming seasons and lead up to the London 2012 Olympic Games.”

Well done both and best of luck for the Olympics!




Anyone for tennis?




Apart from keeping your fingers crossed for good weather this Wimbledon, if you feel like dusting off your racquet the British Chiropractic Association has some good advice.


However as the majority of us do not share the tennis skills of Murray, Federer or Nadal, the British Chiropractic Association cautions you to take it easy.


Tim Hutchful from the British Chiropractic Association says: “With the nation as a whole leading an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, it is great to see people out and about making the most of the summer weather, however it is important that everyone approaches all forms of physical activity with care so as not to do any long term damage. “Common injuries that can occur whilst playing tennis include tennis elbow, wrist strain, back pain and tendonitis of the shoulders and knees"”.


Follow these simple steps courtesy of the British Chiropractic Association:


- Warm up. Make sure your muscles are prepared by gradually increasing the intensity of your warm up, to avoid lack of flexibility and injury. A warm down may also help with those post match aches.

- Watch the pressure points. Your joints are most at risk due to the repetitive nature of actions such as serving, ground strokes and volleying.

- Keep drinking fluids – muscles and joints work better when you are not dehydrated.

and if you just propose to watch the tennis rather than play it, don't get too familiar with the sofa:
-  Don't sit for more than 30-40 minutes, try standing up every twenty minutes and moving around.
-  Make sure you keep active during game breaks to give your body a change of position and shake out any stiffness.



British Chiropractic Association



Busy this Easter?


Easter weekend is a time for relaxation, time with friends and family at home or away as well as the opportunity to kick-off some of those DIY and garden projects.  

Whether travelling, undertaking DIY projects, gardening or just lazing about, the British Chiropractic Association has some great tips to help avoid any problems with your back and posture.

In the garden….

Ø      Don’t wear clot

hes that are tight or could constrict your movement.

Ø      Gardening is like any other exercise; you need to warm up first. Don’t go straight into heavy garden work; start off with lighter jobs as this will lessen the chance of muscle strain.

Ø      Get as close as possible to the things you are pruning and avoid overstretching. Investing in some long handled secateurs is a good idea.

Ø      Take a break and vary your activity by spending no more than 20-30 minutes on any one thing and make sure you take regular breaks.

Ø      If laying a patio, keep the slab close to your body and bend your knees; it is sometimes better to bend one knee rather tw

o, as your supporting leg gives you a position of strength. If using railway sleepers, two people will probably be needed.


DIY projects

Ø      When using a ladder or steps, make sure you are always facing it, keeping your shoulders, hips and knees pointing in the same direction.

Ø      Rather than leaning or reaching, move the ladder or step regularly to keep up with where you are. Any kind of ladder must

be firmly and safely planted in position and, if possible, have someone else there to keep an eye on things.

Ø      If you are painting a ceiling, think about getting the largest amount of paint on in the shortest space of time. Use a paint pad or roller with an extended handle and hold it at chest height. Keep your head as neutral as possible and keep facing forward so you don’t over exert your neck. If you can lie down – do!


Plan ahead

Ø      If you are planni

ng a trip to the local DIY store to buy heavy items such as cement or gravel, buy smaller bags rather than one big bag as they are easier and safer to carry. If buying in bulkier amounts, shovel the contents of the large bags straight into smaller containers or wheelbarrow from the back of the car.

Ø      If having items delivered, have them unloaded as close to where you need them as possible; this will save the effort of moving them again.



Ø      If you are flying, drink plenty of water and NOT alcohol during the flight as this will cause dehydration, which could aggravate muscle pain.

Ø      Whether travelling by plane, train or car - you will be restricted in your seat for most of the journey, but avoid stiffness by doing shoulder shrugs, buttock clenches and foot circles.

Ø      If on a train or plane, try to stand up and move around every 20-40 minutes or, when you stop for a petrol/food break on a car journey, take the opportunity to just stretch and shake out your limbs to allow your muscles to relax.

Ø      Compensate for your prolonged time of inactivity during the journey by doing light exercise – just going for a brisk 20 minute walk once you have arrived at your destination will help


Staying at home

Ø      Although th

e TV schedules are likely to have plenty to please or you may want to spend time playing your latest computer game, try to avoid sitting for long periods; take a break at least every 40 minute


Ø      Make the most of the leisure time and fit some exercise in – whether it be a run, time at the gym or going for a walk with friends and family. Active games such as Wii, Kinect or old fashioned favourites like Twister will help keep you moving.



Pledging support for the chiropractic cause

At the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) annual meeting in London, chiropractic educational institutions throughout the United Kingdom made an unprecedented financial commitment to the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) and its public relations campaign in support of chiropractors.

3 Counties Chiropractic Clinic goes online with its new website

Malvern's most trusted chiropractor can now be accessed via the internet. The new site offers detailed information about the practice, techniques and the field of chiropractic in general.


Thanks for visiting our new website! You will find all you need to know about us as well as our visiting hours. You can also use it to make an appointment online.

Straighten Up UK

Your posture is important.

Having and maintaining a good posture is a major step in preventing back pain and, whilst no one is immune from back pain, there are some simple things you can do to promote a better posture and help reduce the risk of back pain.

Straighten Up UK is an exciting programme from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA), designed to improve posture and help prevent back pain by promoting balance, strength and flexibility in the spine. Chiropractors want to encourage adults and children alike to start using this set of simple, three minute straighten up exercises. They are designed to be done on a daily basis and become part of the daily routine, just like brushing our teeth.

The programme is divided into three simple segments:

Stars: Warm Up
Flying Friends: Posture Care
Core Balance: Finish the Session

The exercises can be adapted to suit individual capabilities (discuss with GP, chiropractor or other healthcare practitioner).

Easy to learn and do, the sequence of exercises consists of precise, slow stretches, each with a specific purpose. The Straighten Up materials have been developed with both adults and children in mind.